Facilitate and support personal and spiritual growth through a greater connection to Spirit. 

Monica Evon was raised in Denver, Colorado. Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Architecture and Planning, Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and a Master of Music Performance in Violin from the University of Rhode Island. With her passion for sharing joy through creative expression, she performed in orchestras throughout the New England area. In 2000, Monica opened a fine-dining establishment in Warwick, Rhode Island and was the owner/operator, menu creator, marketing and special events coordinator. During 2009, Monica left the restaurant business and began working as a business consultant/coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, as her own spiritual path was becoming more prominent in her life. Her need to use her intuitive nature and connections to people and their hearts became stepping stones for others as they began to explore and deepen their spiritual natures.

In 2009, Monica was led to travel to Brazil on a Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Casa de Dom Inácio, where she experienced a profound and life-changing experience. 

As a Daughter of the Casa de Dom Inácio, Monica has traveled to Brazil over 40 times over the past 9 years. During these trips she is always experiencing a furthering of her own spiritual journey, as well as guiding those pilgrims who come to seek their own healings. Monica has a true understanding of the work being done by John of God and the Spirit Entities of Light that work in and through him. She supports others with incredible insight and compassion as they gain a deeper understanding of their own spiritual paths through their work with John of God. Her unique ability to empathize with people makes her a gentle guide to those on their Spiritual Pilgrimages.

Monica was given permission from John of God to offer Crystal Light Therapy, a healing modality used at the Casa de Dom Inácio, bringing the same energy that works through John of God in Brazil through the Crystal Light Therapy for private clients.  As a Medium of the Casa and Daughter of the Casa, Monica has received training to provide support and strength to the intention of the client ~ the value of a trained medium such as Monica is immeasurable, and of great emotional and spiritual benefit. In addition to offering Crystal Light Therapy treatments, Monica facilitates public and private meditations, connecting to the Compassionate Spirits of Light that work in and through John of God, bringing the participants into a one on one, personal experience with this profound energy.

Monica is passionate about co-creating with others in areas of personal growth as well as growth in spiritually and socially conscious businesses.  In her work, she also brings her business, marketing and organizational skills.  Her wealth of creative ideas and love of collaboration in creating and promoting events, seminars, spiritual retreats, blogs, blog radio, webinars, social media campaigns, and sacred pilgrimages brings profound and life-changing experiences to all she works with. 

About Monica