​​As a man, John of God possesses a commanding stature with a gentle dignity and sensitivity born out of humility. As a medium with extraordinary capabilities he is totally dedicated to the healing of others as directed by the compassionate spirits of light that work through him. For over 60 years he has served as the channel for over 30 spirits of light who perform healing for the thousands every week who visit him at his center, the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiânia, Brazil.

​John of God, João de Teixeira de Faria was born in l942 in Goiás, Brazil. He was clairvoyant from an early age, able to predict many events and outcomes before they were reported in the press, in one incident saving the life of his mother and himself when he foresaw a devastating storm with flooding that seemed to come out of nowhere. He left school after the second grade.

“ It is not me who cures - God is the healer. I am simply the vessel ”

-John of God

John of God

When John was sixteen his life changed dramatically. He had been traveling from town to town looking for work, without much success, and was exhausted and hungry. He stopped near a stream and had a vision of a beautiful woman who told him he was needed in a nearby church in the town of Campo Grande (Matto Grosso) and to go there because people were waiting for him. He later realized the woman was the spirit of St. Rita of Cassia. He followed her directions, and as she had predicted, was welcomed at the church. That was all he remembered until hours later when he awakened and was told that King Solomon had incorporated in him and healed many people. He protested that hunger and exhaustion had made him faint, but the many witnesses to the healing miracles left no doubt that he had been the medium for extraordinary healing from the spiritual plane.

An intense period of instruction and guidance followed over the next several weeks. He was directed to dedicate his life to healing others and never to accept payment for this work, a guideline he follows to this day.

For 8 years John of God traveled the region finding work when he could in order to eat, devoting his remaining time to healing others. They came to him by the hundreds as word of his abilities spread. It was necessary not to stay in any one place for too long. Though he never profited from his mediumship, it threatened the local religious and medical authorities who set the police on him. Many times he was arrested and beaten and jailed.