To send your picture or pictures of loved ones to Brazil to receive a blessing and prayers from John of God, please follow the instructions below:

Photos for Blessing 


  • Please send a recent photo (within the past 30 days)
  • Wear light colors (white is preferred) in photo
  • Do not include any one in the photo other than yoursel
  • A photo of the entire body is not necessary; a photo of you from the waist up is sufficient
  • Be sure that your eyes are not covered with sunglasses.
  • Please also include:   Full Name / Date of Birth / Home Address
  • What the present challenge is that you are requesting support for.
  • Example:  ”I am presently experiencing a physical / emotional / spiritual challenge.  My symptoms include:
  • If you are requesting support for your Spiritual evolution, indicate this also.

Mail your photo and information to:

Monica Evon, 5999 Rancho Mission Rd. #218, San Diego, CA  92108

You can also email your photo, information, and requests to:

Photos will be taken during the next Pilgrimage to John of God or sent to be presented.

There is no charge for printing photos and taking photos to the Casa for a blessing.  Donations to the Casa are gratefully accepted ~ Thank you!