"There are no words adequate to thank you for the most spectacular and transformative journey I have just experienced.  Your dedication to detail set each of us free to abandon all logic and linear thinking... we were totally cared for down to the last detail.  Your commitment to an expanded vision of transformation provided the perfect canvas upon which we radically journeyed beyond our wildest concepts of spirituality and healing.  My gratitude to you and for you bring me to tears and leave me again at a loss for words."

    "I can only imagine that the work you do to hold a conscious container for all of us to easily journey into profound transformation over the 2 weeks might be similar to what my father described ~ what it was like for a pilot to hold a plane perfectly still during a mid-air refueling: 'It's like holding a piano an inch off the floor for 3 hours straight. It's not difficult work, but it is hard and painstakingly tedious and you feel it in every inch of your body.'    Please know that your daily diligence and unwavering compassion did not go unnoticed or unappreciated."
With love and appreciation,
Thank you! LC - San Diego, CA

      "I want to thank you for your love, support, and guidance on my recent pilgrimage to Brazil to be in the healing presence of John of God.  It was a wonderful experience and I have enjoyed sharing my spiritual healing with family and friends since I returned.  I know that I am still on the journey and feel the healing energy night and day.  In addition, I really appreciate your leadership throughout the entire experience and particularly admire the personal attention you gave to every detail of the journey.  Your care and concern for each of us was beyond belief.  I hope to return one day soon and can not imagine making that journey without you.  
Thank you, thank you, thank you."   BS - Houston, TX

"I was leading the first Edgar Cayce ARE Tour to experience John of God. It was a fantastic experience! Heather Cumming & Monica Evon are definitely the people to go with. Heather has a very important role at the John of God center called the Casa. She made our experience exceptional. I think there is coming to see John of God with Heather & Monica and then there are all the other varied hosts and guides at a distant second. Heather & Monica are top notch hosts. Come see for yourselves."

Peter Woodbury, ARE Tour Guide

... Mom prepared for her revision last night and reports continued better eyesight.  You helped us have an amazing experience, thank you so much.


​​I thank you for your dedication and devotion to all of us for the benefit of our own healing on so many levels and for going beyond yourself to help others.  Your life is an inspiration to others and has certainly been a blessing to mine. KS

Thank you Monica. Words cannot express the profound Love I experienced while in Abadiania and the energy continues here. I appreciate the work you do and the support and guidance you graciously and quietly provided. With Immense Appreciation and Love, ML

"I just came back from the doctor check up after 3 treatments of chemo.  The doctor said I have had one of the most remarkable responses he has ever seen.  The Lymphoma is OVER 90% gone - even from my bone marrow.  thank you for your help and if you have the opportunity, please thank John of God for me." MR

Thank you so much for the wonderful herbs.  I have been on them merely 10 days and I am witnessing significant healing shifts already. AG

Benjamin has had a very positive experience, since he is 4 he only takes one at night. He is talking more and really progressing in a miraculous way. Thank you for what you do.  AV

I have had you present my photo and story twice.  Once in July 2013 and again in Nov.  I have a rare blood cancer where my body quit making blood.  I am now making blood and my doctors have no idea why.  I have said it is the passionflower.   I feel so blessed to have John of God and the herbs help me.

I have had some amazing transformations happen from my John of God healing and the herbs.  Life Changing stuff! When will you be going back so that I can continue with another healing and new herbs? It has been so profound for me that I feel compelled to check in again with it. DH

Hi Monica – I just wanted to check in and let you know what great results I have had from the herbs from John of God.  I had open heart surgery about a year and a half ago and although my recovery has gone very well my heart rate has stayed elevated.  All my tests look great and no real answers from the docs.  So I started on the herbs and within 24 hours my resting heart rate dropped about 10 beats per minute into the normal range and it has continued to stay there.  It has not been that low in several years and I am so grateful.  Judy

Just letting you know that I received my herbs, etc.  in the mail.  I appreciate you, your energy and contribution to my life and all the lives you touch.  Thank you for doing this work, being a messenger and mostly just you being YOU.  much gratitude and unlimited possibilities to you!
Thank you
Trina, Occupational/Massage Therapist

Dear Monica,
I am back from my vacation and got the herbs that you brought from John of God. I want to thank you for doing this. It means so much to me. May love and light always be with you.
With gratitude,

So to share something here; I was skeptical about the herbs healing my torn rotator cuff tendon which was excruciating to even lift my arm to do simple things. Honestly, I took the herbs, about half of the bottle so far, and my arm has improved 90%.  I accompanied the herbs with daily Kundalini yoga which I continue to do and am happily surprised that as of now, I am not planning a trip to the surgeon anymore….. all I can say is that it does feel much much better. Thanks Monica for sending them to me!
Cheryl, Reiki Master

Dear Monica-
I received the blessed herbs and am grateful to have them – thank you so very much for your service, facilitating that for me. Hope you had a good trip to the casa in brazil-
many blessings and love to you-

Dear Monica, I received the herbs yesterday & have begun taking them as directed.  The dietary part is easy for me, as I don’t drink & don’t like spicy food!
Wanted to let you know that I began to feel dramatically better within days of contacting you.  I feel sure that blessings poured into me from the time you shared my request/photo with John of God and the Entities.  And some of my returning energy goes into daily gratitude and blessings toward you, John of God, and the Entities.  Your dedication to this work is profoundly appreciated.  Please also convey my gratitude to John of God, along I’m sure with many others!
Thanks & Blessings,     

Hi Monica,
Are you in Brazil now?  If you are I would like to do a reorder on my herbs.  I do have tremendous faith as I have been blessed, as I know you have, to witness the miracles God can do.  I also know that I am supported on levels I can’t imagine, otherwise God would not have placed you in my life in just the perfect timing. You have already done the best thing for me in being my bridge or link to John of God & the blessed people at the Casa.  Thank you for your continued support & love.