When he could no longer take this persecution he obtained a job as a tailor for the military in Brasilia. In exchange for safety he performed healings on the military personnel and their families. This nine-year period ended when the spirit entities told him that his work must be made available to many instead of just the privileged few. He was guided to Abadiânia and established a center there in a small building off the main highway. In 1978 he moved the center to its present location, creating Casa de Dom Inácio. It is a beautiful setting overlooking the nearby expanse of hills and valleys centered on a natural energy vortex formed by quartz crystal bedrock beneath the surface.

Casa de Dom Inácio is a sanctuary of love and healing. The physical layout is well designed to accommodate the hundreds each day who gather there. The buildings are painted blue and white as John of God was guided to do in a vision of St. Ignatius and are surrounded by tall trees and flower gardens. The central building is a large meeting hall. John of God works every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, finishing only after all are seen.  The love and power flowing from him is felt by all who are gathered there and makes real the exact nature of the spirit Entity.

 As John of God says, "It is not me who cures, God is the Healer, I am simply the vessel."

The Casa de Dom Inácio